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Teamwork, communication and dedication is what you will find today at Shosky, Staffed with people sharing a commitment to innovation, technology, quality and safety in providing the following services.

Our services include:

General Procurement.

With our international links and financial capabilities we are able to support our clients in both local and overseas purchase of materials, parts, equipments and services as required. Our link with various manufacturers spread over Europe, America, Asia and Africa has enabled us to represent and deliver goods and services at the shortest time possible depending on customer requirement. This includes materials and equipments for both the upstream and the downstream sector covering both onshore and offshore application

Wellhead Services/ Supply

Our experienced and Highly Skilled Wellhead service engineers are capable of supporting operator wellhead requirement for both drilling and production, with a well equipped service base in Nigeria, we surely able to design wellhead requirements considering customer drilling programme for both onshore, offshore and swamp applications, install and service existing wellheads of all makes and pressure rating. All of our engineers have had detailed training and on the job experience of wellhead installation servicing and repairs.

Marine Services.

We provide work barges, supply vessels and other form of marine services to the oil and gas industry.

Logistics Support.

Either offshore and onshore, Shosky provides a wide range of logistics services ranging from transportation, skilled personnel sourcing and management, warehousing and facility management, material and inventory management, we at the moment are able to provide skilled personnel, facility, communication, inventory, transportation and adequate reporting in running a result oriented service base.

Pipeline Installation, inspection, maintenance & Fabrication.

Shosky in conjunction with one of our technical partners (SELLY FAC) constructed and installed up to 25 kilometers of pipeline for various clients on shore Nigeria. Our onshore facility based in Port Harcourt Nigeria is capable of supporting fabrication projects for tanks, platforms and general civil works.

Flow line installation & upgrade.

Our team of engineers and service technicians are well trained in flow line construction, flow line hook up and production platform upgrade; this includes installation of flow line valves, flow line fabrication and maintenance.

HSE Equipments/ Training.

From PPEs to offshore survival kits, Shosky delivers HSE materials and personnel training for the Oil and Gas industry for both the upstream and the downstream sector. We are able to organize specialized seminars, training for personnel leading to certificates in HSE practice.

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